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Forever Living

Tzvetanka and Emil Burnazki
Owners of Forever Business
Senior Managers

We left our jobs at the Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAS) and took up multilevel marketing when we were facing a hard time. We had 3 children, we had debts. We could hardly pay our bills and make our living. We were on the verge of bankruptcy. Many people in our circle disapproved of our decision then. We could have easily listened to their advice against it, but we chose to go for it, as we believed we deserved a better life. This is how we discovered Forever Living Products. We gave up the prospects of a scientific career, the constant stress and the never ending financial difficulties for something unfamiliar that promised good opportunities for a dignified life.

We took an important decision, changed our way of thinking and sorted out our priorities. We worked hard, analyzed the way we spent every single one of the 86400 seconds of each day and took them to be our most valuable investment. We mastered the specific working approach and laid stable grounds for our own business.

Only within 2-3 years we could reach a monthly income equal to our income per year as scientists in BAS. That income has been continuously growing throughout the years and giving us the feeling of security, freedom, control and balance in life.

We are no longer driving simply the car we can afford but the one we want, because we won the chance to gain from one of the the Forever Living Stimulus Programs. It makes it possible for us to buy a new car every 3 years if we want to.

We are building a team of incredible people and we are helping them to change their lives, to reach their goals and to make their dreams come true. Every single day they inspire us with their courage to do something different with their lives, to get out of their comfort zone, to change themselves, to grow as individuals, to control their lives and change the lives of others.

All this excites us and helps us fulfill our dreams. We no longer doubt the fact that multilevel marketing makes it possible for ordinary people like us to reach incredible results and maintain a wonderful way of life.

We are proud to be the owners of Forever Business!