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Oriflame story

Albena Dimitrova,
Oriflame Bulgaria

I have been in the business of direct selling and multilevel marketing for 20 years. Attracted primarily by the Swedish values – quality, honesty, closeness to nature, sociability I made my choice for Oriflame. Those happen to be the values of my family too. Nowadays Oriflame is still the best company for me. That's because of never feeling mislead, because of the good company management, because of the partnership between the management and the leaders. That is because success in the company is never at all costs. I believed not only in the company, but also in the products, in the company mechanisms, and most of all in myself. And I consistently make my dreams come true.

To opt in favor of such an unconventional work is not easy. Taking such a decision requires courage, belief in your own powers and also a strong wish to change your life for the better. Previously, my professional development had been related to scientific research. Very soon I realized that everything I had learned and done before had prepared me for being part of the best, here in Oriflame. It is here that the two more important roles for me – that of a mother and of a professional are in harmony. I realized my dream to have a family business. While raising our three children my husband and I managed to build a strong team of consultants who are like a second family to us now.

Today we have a different standard of life, our children graduated universities of their choice abroad. We take advantage of rewarding incentives that include not only income, fairly mirroring our results, but also attendance of international conferences. Thanks to Oriflame we made a tour around the world – 2-3 destinations per year, including exotic, far away places as The Caribbean islands, The Republic of South Africa and Mauritius, Hong-Hong, Singapore, Bali.

And still what is the most important thing for me? I measure my success in Oriflame by the achievements of the people in my team. I am proud with the fact that most of them have a better lifestyle, travel a lot and continue to develop. I have dedicated myself to helping them fulfil their dreams. Those common interests leading to the same goal make our business exceptional. They give us the opportunity to win the most precious bonus of all – the bonus of happiness.